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15 août 2017

5 reasons why attending a Navien Academy is crucial

“Why should I send my guys to a Navien training rather than a jobsite?” This is just one concern that many business owners may have when contemplating allowing their team to attend a Navien academy training. To that, we say, “Here are 5 reasons why attending a Navien Academy is crucial!”

1. Master proper installation of a Navien unit.
Many issues homeowners face during the lifespan of their unit is caused by an improper or poor installation. These issues, thereby, inevitably reduce their Navien unit’s lifespan. With a proper installation, you can reduce call backs and disgruntled customers.

2. Stay up to date with the latest updates to Navien technology.
Navien is constantly updating our existing products and innovating new technology to enhance the user experience and simplify installation and maintenance procedures for contractors. Attending trainings will allow you to learn about the newest technology and how best to integrate into your business.

3. Learn about new programs and how they can benefit your business.
Our most recent program, NavienRewards, allows your business to earn points for each Navien unit purchase that can be used towards travel, advertising, Prepaid VISA Reward Cards and so much more.

4. Exchange tips and tricks from other industry professionals.
Being in the same environment consistently can cause one-way thinking. By engaging in a group environment different from your norm, you can learn how to resolve different, or even similar, situations in new ways.

5. Increase your business and expand your customer base.
By completing Level 3 Navien training, your company is eligible to become an NSS (Navien Service Specialist) Agent. As an NSS agent, your company will be recognized as a Navien approved installer and service provider on our website.

For more information about our upcoming academy trainings, please visit our Training page. We have training academies at each of our facilities in North America: Irvine, CA; Moorsetown, NJ; and Woodbridge, ON.

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