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11 juillet 2017

How is the water over there?

Do you regularly test the water hardness at a job site before installing Navien products? Perhaps you could be saving your customer money and prolonging the life of their unit(s).

What is hard water? Hard water is water that is high in mineral count, primarily calcium and magnesium. The more calcium and magnesium accumulates and dissolves in water, the harder it becomes. This can cause a variation of water hardness in certain cities and counties even within the same state. Drinking hard water is not dangerous to your health. So why even bother checking water hardness?

5 Reasons to Test and Treat Your Water:

  1. Scale deposits shorten the life of water heaters and other appliances

  2. Scale buildup in a water heater can increase utility bills

  3. Minerals in hard water cause clothes to look dingy and dulled

  4. Minerals in hard water don’t react effectively with soap, leaving skin feeling dry or irritated

  5. Hard water minerals can leave soap scum in showers or on dishes

To avoid these issues, be sure to test the water hardness and treat accordingly.

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Test Water Hardness:

  1. Hardness Test Strips. These look very similar to the test strips one would use to test the chlorine level of a pool. Typically these come in small tubes.

  2. Hardness Test Kits. These kits vary based on the applications you will be testing for, whether the water is for residential or commercial use.
  3. Hardness Testing Instruments/Machines. Similar to test kits, these vary based on application.

Testing and knowing the water hardness at a jobsite can ultimately save your client money and frustration.

How Navien Can Help

Navien offers PeakFlowTM, an anti-scale system that is installed on the incoming water line, which provides protection from scale formation on plumbing surfaces in appliances as well as hot water systems.

PeakFlowTM is an effective and environment-friendly alternative to water softeners and chemical-based treatment units.

PeakFlowTM prevents scale by converting dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium, into powerless particles that will not attach themselves onto any of the Navien heating elements, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the unit and pipes.

For more information about PeakFlowTM, visit: the PeakFlow page

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