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15 août 2017

Less is more

Tankless that is. Last week, we highlighted the benefits of upgrading your homeowner’s tank system to a Navien tankless. But what about commercial facilities, like restaurants, hotels, schools, or assisted-living facilities? Our NPEs can provide facility owners more and ultimately cost them less. Here’s how:

As in a residential setting, our tankless water heaters will only fire when needed. With traditional storage tank water heaters, the unit is constantly running to maintain the storage tank’s water temperature whether or not the business is operating and the heated water is needed. This could ultimately mean a 40-60% reduction in energy cost based on the business’s hours of operation.

In a multi-unit commercial application, you have built-in redundancy. If a tankless unit goes down for servicing, another unit can and will pick up the slack. Whereas if a tank system goes down, the facility may need to close their doors to allow for servicing of that unit -- not to mention clean-up if the tank fails and leaks water everywhere -- potentially costing the business a day of, well, business.

Each NPE in a multi-unit application has a longer life expectancy. This goes back to the units only firing on demand rather than all the time. Also, no single unit fires at maximum capacity. Each tankless unit only runs up to 80% before kicking on the next unit in line. To ensure even wear, our units are smart enough to record run time thereby prolonging each unit’s life.

Navien has the highest commercial warranty in the industry. Need we say more? To see our commercial warranty terms, click here

For case studies about how upgrading to Navien tankless can provide a commercial business more, click here

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