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18 novembre 2017

Ways to save money on your water & electric bill

1. Install low-flow fixtures

  • Did you know: Shower heads and faucets purchased prior to 1992 can use more than twice as much water as newer ones?

2. Keep your air vents open and clean (if you have a central air system)

  • It’s a myth that keeping your vents closed with will save you money. By doing so, you’re actually preventing ideal airflow, raising energy costs.

3. Consider purchasing Energy Star qualified clothes washers

  • By replacing a washer that is over 10 years old, you could save over $135 per year.

4. Upgrade to a Navien NPE Series condensing tankless water heater

  • With a Uniform Energy Factor of up to .97, a Navien NPE Series tankless water heater could save you a lot money on your bills. Learn more about our units: link to NPE A-series

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