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31 juillet 2017

Winter is coming...

It’s never too early to prepare for the cold months that lie ahead. Although we’re nearly through summer, now is the best time to make sure your customers’ boilers or combi-boilers have been serviced or upgraded.

But why? It hasn’t even begun to get chilly yet. That’s exactly why! Here are our top 3 reasons why summer is the season to service or upgrade your customers’ boilers:

1.Summer is warm enough to keep your customers, well, warm. Boiler replacements can take anywhere from 1-3 days and even more if your customer’s central heating system needs work. By servicing, replacing, or upgrading your customer’s boiler in the summer, you can save your customer from freezing in the dead of winter.

2.Your customers can start saving on winter bills sooner. If your customer is ready for a replacement or upgrade, now is the time to suggest it! Why wait to upgrade your customer to a NCB-E or NHB at 95% efficiency? Especially when the upgrade will save them money on their winter heating bills.

3.More time to provide your best service. No one likes rushing off to an emergency fix while also trying to sell another customer on upgrading his/her unit. Take advantage of these quieter months to service your customers’ boilers to help reduce the risk of a breakdown in the winter. You can also use this time to really help your customers select the best boilers for their homes.

For more information about our NHB and NCB-E, visit Boilers Made Smart and Whole House Combi. Also, don’t forget to place your order for boiler literature on Consumer Literature Order Form or by emailing

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