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November 17, 2017

Comfort at the push of a button

The Navien NPE-A series tankless water heater has a built in circulator that helps provide hot water faster for the end user, helps control the “cold water sandwich”, and will provide hot water at a lower flow rate than the standard unit. The A-unit circulator does not run continuously, but will cycle based on the internal temperatures of the unit. There are also multiple ways to control when the recirculation system operates, so the contractor can set it up whichever way fits the application the best.

1. Always on-24/7: By simply turning on a dip switch on the front panel the unit will begin cycling the pump to maintain the recirculation temperature. This will run 24/7 to provide hot water whenever needed.

2. Intelligent pre-heating: This is a self-learning process that is enabled by turning on another dip switch on the front panel. The unit software will monitor flow demands over a 7 day cycle and recirculate the following week based on the water usage. The unit continues to monitor and adjust as necessary.

3. External remote control:

Remote control

4. HotButton: This accessory gives the end user the option of “on-demand” recirculation, only operating the pump when water usage is required. Up to 10 push buttons can be wired to the control and mounted throughout the building. Pushing one of the buttons will start the pump and heat the loop. Once up to temperature, the pump will shut down and not operate again until a button is pushed.

Hot button

5. Navilink: The addition of the NaviLink wireless control will give the end user the ability to use their smart phone or tablet to program a 7 day recirculation schedule. Adding the Hot Button will enable the option of having a wireless on demand recirculation.


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