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High Efficiency Gas Hydro-Furnaces


Navien NPF high efficiency
provide consistent comfort while minimizing energy consumption

The NPF heats water by burning the gas in a sealed combustion heat exchanger, completely isolated from the airstream. The heated water is then pumped through a hydronic heat exchanger that gently transfers the heat into the air. This unique method improves operational control, provides safe and even heating, and keeps operating sounds to a minimum. By exposing the air to much lower temperatures, there is less impact on the conditioned air humidity level.

The Navien NPF hydro-furnace is 97% AFUE, uses standard gas lines and ductwork, making it a smart comfortable replacement for traditional forced-air furnaces.

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Heating air with warm water is so comfortable

NPF Hydro-furnace

  • Durable stainless steel combustion heat exchanger located out of the airstream.
  • A hydronic coil transfers heat from the water into the conditioned airstream at a temperature up to 150ºF

Conventional furnace

  • Gas is burned directly in the conditioned airstream — exposing it to temperatures up to 1000ºF

Our unique hydronic forced-air heating design keeps combustion in a separate, fully enclosed compartment for safe and quiet comfort.

NPF Upflow & Horizontal hydro-furnaces

The NPF hydro-furnace leverages our advanced knowledge of tankless water heaters, combi boilers and boilers. We’ve modified this technology to reinvent forced air heating.

Navien offers two premium, high-efficiency hydro-furnace series: NPF Upflow and NPF Horizontal. Both gas, condensing forced-air furnace series are 97% AFUE and available in 60,000 BTU/h (9,000-60,000 capacity) and 100,000 BTU/h (14,000-100,000 capacity) sizes.

  • Industry-leading variable capacity operation

  • Proven hydronic heat exchanger design

  • All models are 97% AFUE

  • Ultra-low NOx compliant

  • Vent with 2" or 3" PVC
  • Liquid propane and high-altitude conversion kits included

  • Full variable capacity operation using a one or two-stage thermostat

  • Industry-leading warranty

  • Direct readout self-diagnostics

Our innovative new design is a high-efficiency revolution in forced-air heating

All NPF hydronic furnace systems have Navien’s advanced stainless steel heat exchanger which helps maximize system efficiency and comfort. With 97% AFUE, the new NPF series is significantly more efficient than older forced-air furnace systems.

  • Industry-leading variable capacity operation from 15% to 100%
  • Continuously monitors air temperatures & automatically adjusts capacity and airflow to maximize comfort & efficiency
  • Robust airflow is sustained up to 1.0” external static pressure for use with today’s high-efficiency high-static air filtration systems
  • Unique hydronic forced air heat exchanger design keeps combustion in a separate compartment outside of the heating air stream for quieter operation
  • Easily integrates with smart HVAC systems & home automation platforms
  • Dual-fuel compatible (gas or electric heating with heat pump) when matching with any AHRI-matched heat pump
  • When paired with an AC or HP system, the variable capacity blower can be customized for a comfortable, quiet cooling experience.
  • Independent airflow for air conditioning, heat pump and fan-on settings provides year-round custom comfort


Warm up to the advantages of the Navien hydro-furnace forced-air technology

The NPF hydro-furnace relies on Navien's unique heat exchanger and condensing technology to maximize system efficiency and comfort.

  • Npf-feature-heatexchanger

    Proven heat exchanger design

    Stainless steel condensing heat exchanger saves energy and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Npf-feature-blower

    Variable speed blower motor

    ECM variable speed blower motor qualifies for most gas furnace efficiency incentives.

  • Npf-feature-temp-chart

    Environmentally friendly design

    Every unit meets SCAQMD Ultra-low NOx requirements, minimizing potentially harmful emissions.

  • Npf-feature-venti-options

    Low cost installation multiple venting options

    High-efficient condensing technology allows for cost-saving PVC venting. Also, all models are equipped with a Vent Installation Detector (VID) for added safety during installation and maintenance.

  • Npf-feature-low-noise-baby

    Low noise levels

    Unlike traditional forced air furnaces, the NPF hydro air heat exchanger design keeps combustion in a separate compartment outside of the heating air stream for quieter operation.

  • Npf-feature-control

    Simple setup & troubleshooting

    EZNav control panel provides easy intuitive steps for startup & optional configurations. Self-diagnostics provide a direct readout in clear text, saved in non-volatile memory.



Enjoy high-efficiency heating wherever & whenever you need it

  • Variable capacity operation is like having many furnaces in one: low heat for milder days, high heat on colder days & more even temperatures year-round (compared to traditional single or two-stage furnaces)
  • More efficient zoning & temperature control
  • Models available for vertical (upflow) or horizontal flow, including attics & suspended installations
  • Primarily designed for residential home heating applications
  • Can also be used in non-industrial commercial applications such as schools, office buildings, churches, retail stores, nursing homes and hotels

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Navien’s Eco-Friendly Hydro-furnace

The NPF is designed with environmental sustainability in mind, boasting a 97% AFUE and Ultra Low NOx compliance. It qualifies for regional incentives, reduces energy bills, and enhances the efficiency of air conditioning and heat pump systems.


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