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PeakFlow Series

Scale Prevention Systems


Peak performance for residential and commercial applications

PeakFlow S

A chemical-free, scale prevention water treatment system designed for residential point of use applications with flow rates up to 6 gpm

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PeakFlow S model


PeakFlow A

This advanced water treatment system is not only chemical-free and anti-scaling but has higher flow rates up to 10 gpm for residential or commercial, point of entry and point of use applications.

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PeakFlow A model

Peakflow a 08

Navien PeakFlow®… from protecting your water heater to protecting your complete water supply system


Navien PeakFlow systems have been protecting Navien tankless water heaters and combi-boilers from damaging lime/ calcium deposits in their products for many years. This advanced technology is now available to protect your complete water supply system for residential and commercial applications.​

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    DHW piping

  • Peakflow-feature-img-hx

    Tankless water heater heat exchanger

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    Water heater outlet


Trusted Navien product for years

Navien…a world leader in innovative, energy-efficient, eco-friendly tankless water heaters, combi-boiler, and boilers has been the trusted brand for today’s contractors and homeowners. PeakFlow water treatment systems have been protecting Navien products from damaging lime/calcium deposits for years. Now…Navien PeakFlow water treatment technology is available for your complete residential or commercial water supply systems.

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PeakFlow Series


Better technology for a better world

Better, cleaner water is important for all living things on the planet. Navien salt-free, chemical-free water treatment systems are not only better for the environment but are also better for your plumbing systems and water-related appliances.


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